‘Geordie Dog with a blog’ holiday at Forget-Me-Not Lodge

Luxury self-catering Forget-Me-Not Lodge, where it is easy to relax, unwind and discover the beautiful Northumberland coast and countryside.

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Discover & book Forget-Me-Not Lodge at Felmoor Park written by 'Geordie dog with a blog'

The next thing I know I am getting my coat on and my toys, blankets and things are being packed in the big bag with wheels on… so that normally means I am not going to be in my bed at home for a while! Wonder where I am going this time!

I am packed into the 4 wheels that moves… better get as much sleep in as I can… think it is going to be a long journey. Goodnight! Zzzzzzzzz

When I wake up I am being carried out the car on my lead…. I can smell the sea air and my cousin Lola is going wild with excitement with her ball in her mouth. This means we are going on the beach and can have a run around in the lush sand called Druridge Bay in Northumberland (so my Mammy tells me!) We run and run for miles with the sand in our paws chasing the ball. Also get to sniff a few friends on the way who have come with their Mammy and Daddies. My mammy talks for ages on the beach saying hello to the dogs and telling all the humans how brilliant Northumberland is and how there are lots of places you can take dogs, especially to relax and have food and drinks. She tells them there is a wonderful new luxury self-catering lodge called Forget-Me-Not Lodge where we are going to stay in at Felmoor Holiday Park near Morpeth. She says it is ideal place to relax and enjoy the Northumberland coast.  Felmoor Park have lots of cottages and log cabins where dogs are as welcome as humans! So they should be! There is even a luxury hot tub at the lodge (oh I remember one of those big baths with bubbles and lights which my mammy and daddy love! Wouldn’t get me in for love or money or even a dog chew!)

After our long walk along the beach and my cousin has made sure she is fully drenched in the sea as much as she can! (Me…. I don’t like water!) we are then put back in the four wheels. Time for a kip I think…. Tired work enjoying yourself on the Northumberland coast! Goodnight! Zzzzzzz

We arrive at Felmoor Park and we get out the 4 wheels next to a place called Forget-Me-Not Lodge. OOO I think this is going to be my house for the next few days! This looks nice and big with lots of room to run around the outside decking. All the bags are emptied out and put into the lodge. We must be staying as they have brought my cuddly friend Monkey for his holidays as well! I think someone knew I was coming as well as there are biscuits, bowls, towels and blankets already here. NICE  one!!!

I guard the gate outside to make sure no one gets in and everyone knows we are here.  I bark at everyone that passes…. This is my house! Well for a few days anyway! This is tiring work pacing the lodge and decking! Must be time for a sleep! Goodnight Zzzzzzz

I am woken up by food smells… My Mammy has been cooking everyone a meal… OOO hope I get some! I could definitely eat something right now! All this fresh Northumberland coastal air makes you hungry! Oh NOO… looks like I am on the dry biscuit again! Hey don’t you know I am on my holidays!

There’s not much time to sleep here. Looks like another walk for me and my cousin when my Daddy gets our leads out. He tells my Mammy he is popping out. We come out of the gate and down the road in the park and reach a big Log house. In we go…. And guess what… it looks like a pub with lots of other doggies in. No wonder my Daddy looks happy! We have a good sniff around and meet new friends and their Mammy and Daddies while Daddy gets himself a big drink.  Looks like we are going to be here a while! He talks for ages in the friendly clubhouse and gets to know from the locals where to visit during our time in Northumberland.  All the good places are Alnwick, Bamburgh Castle, Eshottheugh Animal Park, Hadrian’s Wall, Dunstanburgh Castle, Craster, Whitehouse Farm, Holy Island, Farne islands, Chillingham Castle, Warkworth, Seahouses and Cresswell Beach.

Oh no!! looks like our little legs are going to be walking a lot on our holidays! I think he wants to check all these wonderful places out nearby! I just need some sleep! Better just lie down now ……Goodnight Zzzzzzzzzzzzz